Thursday, 28 September 2017

Health and Fitness for Busy People - Anthony Tornambe

There are many of us who would love to keep fit, but find that our daily agenda is simply too overwhelming to include exercise. As such, exercise can be pushed to the back of our mind in favor of more demanding and urgent tasks. However, there are a few tips you can follow to introduce exercise into your daily lifestyle, while still allowing you to deal with other aspects of your day.

Make a List

With technology being such a strong presence in our everyday life, it’s easy to forget about some of the simpler methods that work wonders when it comes to making a difference in our life, and the humble list is one of them.

Many people swear by writing a list, as it allows them to get their affairs in order, so is deal for those looking to make a difference to their health while contending with several other tasks.

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Firstly, you should list down all the things you enjoy doing in your spare time, such as running or going to the gym. You should then prioritize your list with things you want to do first. Once you have your list, you can then refer to it and ensure you spend at least 15 minutes a day carrying out your keep fit regime. This may not seem like much, but the minutes soon pile up throughout the week, and can make a positive impact on our lifestyle.

Give Yourself a Reward

When we’re trying to motivate ourselves, it can be easy to talk ourselves out of engaging in any kind of exercise. However, self-motivation is key, and the only way to instil a healthy lifestyle is for us to make provisions in such a way that we know we will partake in some exercise. The best way to do this can by way of a reward. For example, if there is a new gadget or gizmo you’re looking to purchase, set some goals beforehand. With some self-discipline, you can ensure that the item you’re looking to purchase is a reward for meeting your exercise goals. Anthony Tornambe

Think Outside of the Box

When we’re trying to keep fit, it can be easy to look toward tried-and-tested exercise regimes, but sometimes we can stay healthy but simply making a few changes to our daily activities. For example, if you make a series of phone calls throughout the day, why not make use of your hands free and take a walk as you make the calls. Similarly, if you have a short journey to work, why not walk instead of using public transport. It may not seem like much in the first instance, but a few simple changes can make your lifestyle healthier as a result.

Consider Your Diet

When we’re constantly busy, it can be easy to fall victim to the many fast food outlets for a quick fix, but it’s important that we can monitor the intake of calories we consume. As such, why not consider making a packed lunch containing a healthy selection. Not only will this ensure you have more energy, but also ensure that your energy won’t be as used as quickly. The slow release of energy will help you through the day, and can even help towards your exercise regime.

Many of us burdened with a busy lifestyle, but as you can see, a few simple changes can make all the difference and leave you feeling much healthier overall.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Have you any idea, which are the most peaceful countries in the world? The concept of peace is difficult to define and measure. However, the word peace has been defined as the “absence of violence” by Global Peace Index since 2006, and has sought to determine what cultural attributes and institutions are associated with states of peace. The recent ranking made Iceland top to the most peaceful countries, followed by Denmark and New Zealand. According to the Institute for Economics and Peace, Global Peace Index, below are top 10 countries.

1. Iceland

Iceland tops the list of the most peaceful countries on Earth. No doubt, the country is really a safe place to live. The country is so cold and so small, and this is why it ranks top out of 162 nations. There is a lot of things to do, despite being peaceful, the country has many attractions (both in people and places). If someone really want to enjoy the beautiful moments, he should go there.

2. Denmark

Denmark hold second place on the list of the most peaceful countries in the world. Like New Zealand, Denmark and the rest of the North European countries consistently rank as the best in business and safety. Denmark is the most peaceful nation on continental Europe, despite being about the size of Massachusetts.

3. New Zealand

Since 2007, New Zealand constantly ranks as the best and most peaceful country in the world. With a small percentage of its population in prison, limited military capability, strong relations with Australia and down-to-earth hospitality, New Zealand is a wonderful country to live in.

4. Austria

The small landlocked South Central European country, Austria gain a place on the list of the most peaceful countries for its stance on international politics. Austria is doing very well. No austerity. And it’s not being blamed like its neighbor Germany, for not saving Europe. This is why, when it comes to peace and prosperity, Austria is on the top 10.

5. Switzerland

I personally suggest Switzerland should be on top amongst the world’s most peaceful countries that have low levels of violent crime. In the heart of the European Union, Switzerland is renowned naturally fascinating place. The country is known for its neutral behavior in regional, international and global political issues. The country maintains strong diplomatic relations with many other countries around the world.

6. Japan

Japan – one of the most fascinating countries culturally and traditionally. Having the third largest economy in the world, Japan is considered as the happiest country in Asia. Japan is safe in many aspects, has low crime and no major conflicts with its neighbors.

7. Finland

Finland. Why not we love this beautiful country that brought us Angry Birds? Amongst my all time most favorite places, Finland, considered as one of the most peaceful and livable countries, which is not renowned for its combative nature.

8. Canada

Having one of the best standards of living in the world, Canada is at No.8 on the list of most peaceful countries on earth. If you’ve ever been to Toronto or round a’bout Niagara Falls, you can see why Canada is so awesome, Clean, Crisp, Diverse, gorgeous and everyone seems to get along.

9. Sweden

Sweden ranks No. 9 among most peaceful countries by the Global Peace Index this year. Located in the far north of Europe, Sweden is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian countries on earth. The country has a low level of robberies (only 9,000 a year) compared to the United States (about 350,000 a year).

10. Belgium

Judging by the Global Peace Index, the tiny Belgium is one of the best places to live in Europe, as well as on Earth. Located in the heart of Europe, this beautifully small country holds some special places like Brussels. The capital of Belgium, Brussels, is home to the European Union and NATO. Belgium boasts medieval cities, beautiful town halls, majestic castles, and captivating natural beauty.