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Anthony Tornambe: A dreamer who never gives up

Many people become successful with their knowledge, skill and hard work. There is a big list of such people,but the question is, when you become successful, what you do? You just pack your bags and move on?  Or do you come forward to help someone to become another you? There are not many people who do this,but one such person is Anthony Tornambe. He has this dream to see this world free from all kinds of hatred, and he always tries to help the needy.
If you are in a position that gives you the strength to make an impact on somebody’s life, then you should not back down from this challenge. We all are equals in this world, at least god make us that way. But, there some people who are not lucky enough to get all those treasures that one person may get. Well, if you have some special skill that can be a help for others, then you should do the best you can to bring the colors of happiness to their life. This is what Anthony Tornambe always strives for; keeping the smile on the faces of peo…

Yahoo Sells To Verizon In $5 Billion Deal - Anthony Tornambe

Source:- Anthony Tornambe

Anthony Tornambe at Stamford

Source:- Anthony Tornambe